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We took the family to a RV rental in Kenosha, WI and took them on a really fun weekend getaway. We visited a campsite in Racine with activities and facilities that the whole family will enjoy. Activities and facilities include camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, canoeing and a variety of other activities.

Whether you want to attend a festive brew festival, spend a relaxing day at the beach or see the works of local artists, Racine offers many opportunities to try something new. Enjoy fun and festivities for a great day of hiking, kayaking, fishing, canoeing, camping and other fun activities.

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Specific recommendations issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Racine Police Department (WPD) to provide more information about the state of the fire and whether the community and businesses have reopened safely are also available. Here is a great guide to the area written by Miranda Knudtson, who lives in Wisconsin. The travel guide contains some things to see off the beaten track as well as some tips and tricks for trips to the region.

Where to stay: The Radisson Hotel Racine Harbourwalk offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and is within walking distance of downtown. North of the beach, a short walk from the city center and just a few blocks from the town center and the waterfront.

This is a highly rated campsite and a good base for RV rentals in Kenosha or for a wonderful family holiday.

We had a great time exploring all that Kenosha and Racine had to offer and headed for one we had seen long before that day, which is just a few blocks from downtown and a few blocks from our campsite. Switch to RVshare to get some great deals on RV rentals in the area, as well as great views of the lake and city.

Oak Creek doesn't have a downtown (nobody is building one), but there's plenty of commercial activity there. Racine is home to a small city airport, the only one of its kind in the state of Wisconsin with an airport with custom receptionists. Batten Field, a private airport for relief supplies, is located just off Green Bay Road and Rapids Drive, also connected to the small bridge over the Root River. Commercial air services are provided by the Milwaukee County Airport Authority and Milwaukee International Airport, and Bus USA Airport Express services are available from Hare International Airport in Milwaukee.

In 2016, MKE offered more than 1,000 flights from Racine to the US East Coast, as well as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Racine is not a big city, but there are four scenic roads and paths that are connected with additional paths in Milwaukee and Kenosha counties. Several listed buildings are located in the area, including the Racine Museum of Art and the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Some of the places listed as "must-see" are for fans and locals, while some are listed for structures and some for tourists.

The River Bend Nature Center is a tranquil Racine park offering a wide range of activities against a picturesque backdrop. The 4160 hectare park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Kenosha - Racines area. Whether you are enjoying the beauty of nature or just renting a camper in Racine, finding a quality campsite is essential, and Happy Acres Campground is perfect for that.

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, Illinois Beach is a unique and captivating natural resource to enjoy. Located in the heart of Racine, just a few miles south of Kenosha, it is a great place to meet and apply for a permit on a Monday. Racines is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area and is located 22 miles south of Milwaukee. It is located just over a mile north of downtown Milwaukee and about a half-hour drive from Milwaukee International Airport.

Racine is just a short drive from many attractions and the two cities are just minutes away from each other, making it a great destination for those who want to travel between cities. re a fan of the Milwaukee area, the Wright Brothers, or just a household product enthusiast, SC Johnson is more than welcome to visit us at our Racine RV rental.

Racine, inhabited since the 1920s, has a long history of good food, good beer and a great sense of humor. The Racine Burger Bar, owned by the RACine Brewing Company, is one of the state's top rated burger bars and satisfies the hunger for a good burger with a little cheese, salt and pepper. If you're looking for a drink for the night, check out Reefpoint Brew House for some great breweries and beers.

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More About Racine