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I recently had the pleasure of buying a mattress from a mattress company and when it arrived, it was not a newly packaged mattress with a large red stripe stating that it was a renovated mattress. EKHN Willy Loman (grade 5 out of 5) is fine, but the mattress was ordered and rejected because the new mattress dealer said it was not used. I went to the factory and ordered a brand new mattress with the same colour scheme as the one I had bought it from.

The delivery team did a great job, installing everything and informing me of their status, they were on time and gave me a window. The salesman was really on the ball and did his homework, rating Bobbill 5 out of 5 as "a great experience from the beginning" before I even got into the store.

It was clear that he was familiar with the product and shared the advantages and differences between the different mattresses. I would recommend it if you feel that it meets your needs based on the information he has given you.

Gabe was extremely knowledgeable about the product and was able to quickly find the perfect mattress for me. Tom was very friendly and helpful to my mother when I returned with her to pick up the things. They were already on sale for part of the day and gave me a lot on the mattress and cushion, so I saved some of my day.

I loved the way the shop assistant Gabe greeted me and explained the shop layout. I should have turned around and left when I got there at 11 o'clock because the door was locked, but they pointed it out to me and said he would be over with me to help me find another customer. Some information about mounting the headboard and say that you should turn around to leave if you arrive there after 11 am, when the doors are locked.

The pillows and beds, which are free, are from Tempur - Pedic, which is probably my fault for assuming that, but so far they all seem ok. They also accept donations of other items such as clothing, toiletries and other household items. Also some items that are offered for sale are accepted, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. Some things like curling iron, pans, coffee mugs, hot water bottles, paper towels are not accepted, but are put to bed as acceptable donations in good condition.

Donations are accepted during store opening hours, but store staff may not be able to help with large, heavy items, so please call the store planner below. You need to sort and price goods and work in stores, but you can also get involved in Thrift Shop or More Than Than Shop during opening hours. They sell donated goods at reasonable prices, with all proceeds going to the RLHS.

If you need help finding products that work for you, please respect our budget and listen to us, because we need to help you find what works for your needs.

Please consider whether you plan a morning or afternoon to help our loyal Thrift Shop volunteers serving the RLHS community!!!

In 1964, volunteers opened the first Thrift Shop to help Racine Lutheran High School keep pace with the cost of a Christian education. Since the school was founded, many volunteers have spent countless hours and more than $4 million in goods and services supporting our school. The maintenance and operation of the store is the work of hundreds of volunteers who have donated countless minutes, days, weeks, months and even years of their time to our thrift store for more than 55 years. Christian character building for RLHS students, all proceeds will benefit the education of our students.

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