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An armed protest planned for the days before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration has prompted the governor and police chief to deploy thousands of officers and equipment to prevent possible violence in the wake of last week's violent clashes between protesters and police.

Members of the Washington National Guard surround the Washington state Capitol as the legislature opens session on January 11 in Olympia, Washington. People who came to the capital went on attack at home, where a number were arrested for their role in the attack.

The movement that took part in last week's attack was described as loosely organized, but he noted that people were coming together through social media. He said several extremist groups that have been operating alone for four years had acted in conjunction with last month's attack on the Capitol. Now they were sent home and told these guys had a successful game plan and they could do it again. It fuels our confidence that we can move on because they have not shown they can control us, "said the former SWAT team leader, who runs a security consulting firm.

He also hinted that the insurgency in the Capitol may have served as a warning to other groups with different ideological motives, such as the Tea Party and the Islamic State.

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